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Motorcycle batteries

We proudly offer Deka Batteries, as well as other popular brands. The battery brands we carry include Deka, Mighty Max and Power Sonic.
*We do NOT sell Lithium Batteries*

Triumph MotorcycleWhether you ride a Harley Davidson, Triumph, or an Indian Motorcycle, Dakota Battery and Electric has got you covered. We will find the right battery to match the required specifications for your bike.

Deka offers 3 different brands of battery for power sports equipment including Intimidator, Deka Non-Activated, and Deka Sports Power.

  • The Intimidator Power Sports Batteries are ready to go with no activation! You also don’t have to add acid because they are precision-filled at the factory. Season-to-season reliability is enhanced with a lower self-discharge rate.
  • The Deka Non-Activated Batteries have high starting and reserve power, for either on- or off-road. Activation is required for these batteries.
  • Deka Sports Power Batteries don’t require activation. They are also environmentally friendly since they are completely spill-proof. They have superior durability to handle auxiliary power demands.

Find Your Perfect Batteries For Your Needs

Our specialists will ask a few questions about your vehicle and recommend the best battery for you.