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Icom Professional Radios

Icom Radios

Icom has established itself as a leader with over 50 years of engineering experience and an excellent track record of production excellence. Icom radios are tested for and pass tests for US Military standards to 810 specifications.

We offer a wide range of Icom professional radios for almost any application:

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What is a Satellite PTT Radio?

This Is Not A Satellite Phone, It Is A Satellite Radio That Works Like A Common VHF Handheld Radio But Instead Of Connecting To Land Based Towers Or Repeaters, It Connects To The New Iridium NEXT 66 Satellites That Orbit The Earth In Low Orbit. The New ICOM IC-SAT100 Iridium Satellite Radio Will Work On All The Iridium Global Satellites Pole To Pole And Will Be Available On The Current North America And Global Unlimited Iridium PTT Satellite Radio Plans. ​

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What is a P25 Radio?

P25 Radios are used by government and safety organizations in North America. The primary goal of the P25 standard was to allow for an interoperability standard for two-way radio communications which is universal between all agencies. By using TIA standards the goal was met to provide manufacturing standards that ensured compliance with various radio ecosystems.

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What is a IDAS?

IDAS is Icom's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air interface. IDAS offers a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, remote communicator and various accessories. IDAS is a complete digital solution that system owners and manager can grow into as their own time and budgets allow.

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What is an Analog Radio?

An analog radio system sends a signal from a large antenna to a smaller one on a radio carrier wave. The radio transmits a continuous, or sinusoidal, wave, which is soon caught by a receive in another's radio. The receiver then modulates the wave, often through frequency modulation (FM), to extract the information we want like voice communication. This is an older system of communication and has been surpassed by digital radios.

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What is an Data Radio?

This is a modem used to send data between two or more locations. These transmit serial data as radio waves in specific frequency according to a defined radio technique. The digital data is encoded prior to transmission, and then decoded prior to receipt. Once decoded, the serial data is provided to the connected device.

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What is an RoIP Gateway?

RoIP Stands For Radio Over Internet Protocol Which Is Similar To Voice Over Internet Protocol But Augments Two-Way Radio Communications Rather Than Telephone Calls. Basically It Is A Push-To-Talk Communication System Over The Internets. The Radio Signals Are Transmitted Via Internet Connections Over Satellite, LTE, Or Private Networks.

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What is an IP Advanced Radio System?

Icom's IP radio allows users to quickly establish a high quality network in a building by programming and connecting an IP1000C to an existing WLAN network. You can upload groups and individuals to the network and control the entire system through a computer.

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What is an HF Radio?

HF (high-frequency) radios are radios with a designated range of radio frequency electromagnetic waves between 3 and 30 MHz. Communications at these frequencies are called shortwave radio and are used in aviation communication, goverment time stations, weather stations, amateur radio and citizen band services among others.