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Rapid City's Preferred Battery Retailer

Dakota Battery and Electric has provided batteries for all types of vehicles and equipment since the early 1950s. Whether you are looking to power your daily driver, your ATV, or construction equipment, we can help.

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Proud Carrier of DEKA Batteries by East Penn.

When Karl Gasche joined Breidegam family in 1947 the Deka brand was born. Since then, Deka battery products have been the most innovative every year.

The innovation at Deka/East Penn turns big ideas into better products and solutions that drive value, efficiency and sustainability. We believe in our employees to drive our innovation along with our technology. The Deka brand is constantly advancing technologies and providing new product solutions to exceed customer expectations all while being at the forefront of industry sustainability.

Deka battery products provide you with batteries for nearly every type of vehicle you could imagine. Shop our battery categories to see how Deka could help you.

*We do NOT sell Lithium Batteries*