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We proudly offer Deka Batteries, as well as other popular brands. The battery brands we carry include Deka, Mighty Max and Power Sonic.

* We do NOT sell Lithium Batteries* 

Deka Battery Stack

Deka offers 3 different brands of battery for marine equipment including Marine Master, Intimidator, and Dominator.

  • The Marine Master includes higher marine cranking power, deep cycle/starting, and heavy-duty deep cycle.
  • The Intimidator batteries last over twice as long as regular batteries and are twenty times more vibration resistant! They are also freeze resistant and have a higher capacity to withstand infrequent use.
  • The Dominator has the longest deep cycle life of the 3. It has amazing vibration and deep cycle protection, including better capacity protection during infrequent use.

Find Your Perfect Batteries For Your Needs

Our specialists will ask a few questions about your vehicle and recommend the best battery for you.