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Electrical Specialty Products

Small electrical parts are used in more than just industrial equipment and vehicles, although those are what we specialize in.

We also specialize in the items below:

  • Switches: Any device used to interrupt the flow of electrons in a circuit. In vehicles, the switch is an ignition, starter or start switch that is in the control system that activates the main electrical system of the vehicle.
  • Relays: An electrically operated switch with no moving parts that uses a semiconductor device to perform the switch in the electrical circuit.
  • Wiring Connectors: Used to connect two or more wires together, there are many types but they all prevent the wires from contacting other wires or exposed conducive services which could cause a dangerous fault or short circuit.
  • Specialty Solenoids: Solenoids are devices comprised of a coil wire, housing and a moveable plunger. When electricity is introduced, a magnetic field forms around the coild which draws the plunger in which converts electrical energy into mechanical movement. We have solenoids for every purpose possible.
  • Booster Cables: A pair of electrical cables with clamps at each end typically used for starting the engine whose battery is dead.
Wire Sizing Chart

We are the only place that custom builds battery cables.

We can build you cables of any size and capabilities making us your best option for all thing cables. We utilize our fitment board to ensure that we get you the exact cable and fitments you need.

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Electrical Specialty Products

In vehicles, the solenoid sends a large electrical current to the starter motor. It is needed to convert the electrical signal to mechanical energy to turn the engine over and start the vehicle. We handle all aspects of the engine starting system, so no matter the vehicle, we will get you moving.

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