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We proudly offer Deka Batteries, as well as other popular brands. The battery brands we carry include Deka, Mighty Max and Power Sonic.

* We do NOT sell Lithium Batteries* 

Gray and Black Deka battery Motorcycle and motorsports Battery Stack

Deka offers 3 different brands of battery for power sports equipment including Intimidator, Deka Non-Activated, and Deka Sports Power.

  • The Intimidator Power Sports Batteries are ready to go with no activation! You also don’t have to add acid because they are precision-filled at the factory. Season-to-season reliability is enhanced with a lower self-discharge rate.
  • The Deka Non-Activated Batteries have high starting and reserve power, for either on- or off-road. Activation is required for these batteries.
  • Deka Sports Power Batteries don’t require activation. They are also environmentally friendly since they are completely spill-proof. They have superior durability to handle auxiliary power demands.

Find Your Perfect Batteries For Your Needs

Our specialists will ask a few questions about your vehicle and recommend the best battery for you.